Thursday, March 30, 2017

3/30/2017: Fish fascination

I know it's been a long time since I've written.  Sorry about that.  Clinchfield has been as cute (and as frustrating!) as ever.  Here are some things he's done lately for his followers who are not on Facebook:

He's "jailed" himself about five more times since I've last posted.  Here's one of the newest times:

We were playing Ticket to Ride, and all of a sudden I noticed that Clinch had gone from a chair that was pulled in too close to the table and down into the table base.

He's really big now, so getting him out of there is a challenge.  We went away last weekend for a bead show I was vending at, so we pulled all of the chairs out and well away from the table.  We didn't want our neighbor to have to try to wrench him out of there in case he decided to jump in (or for him to be stuck in there for hours before someone found him!).  I bought some felt to weave around the bars, but we haven't gotten around to doing it yet.  I had two events in March that needed tons of prep before and recovery time after.

Speaking of the bead show, Clinchy also helped me promote it:

A few months ago Clinch decided that the TV stand was a swell place to be.  I guess he thought we were ignoring him too much.  He seemed to like Speechless quite a bit:

About a month ago I walked into the bedroom and found Clinch napping oh-so-cozily in my spot:

I guess I'd left a Clinchy-sized hollow in the covers when I'd gotten up.  I took the opportunity to give him some loving and snapped this selfie which I absolutely love:

Now that you're pretty much caught up, on to the topic of the day.  At the end of last year, I started exercising again with our Wii.  Steve moved it downstairs for me, and I have the balance board and exercise/yoga mats set up in the basement.  The mats are so my feet don't get too cold or have too much impact during the step and boxing games.  The floor gets REALLY cold in the winter!  I go down there every weekday and do a half hour of exercises that are not too strenuous for my messed-up body.  Since we don't use the basement much, I can just leave everything down there, making it easier for me to force myself to exercise:

It's really messy down there.  Eventually we'll clean it up and make it fit for entertaining, but for now it works for me.

Clinch likes coming down to hang out with me.  Sometimes I have to chase him off of the model railroad layout in the other room:

You should see him running down the track trying to get away from me!  He's like a bullet train!

Most of the time, though, he just perches on something and watches me.  He rarely takes an interest in the television, but today he caught sight of my Mii in a penguin suit, leaning left and right to try to catch fish in one of my exercise games.  So, I grabbed my phone, started another round of the game, and videoed it.  Unfortunately, the TV is really washed out, so you can barely see what's going on.  You can see the video tilt left and right as I play - hope that doesn't make you dizzy.

I hope you enjoyed watching him as much as I did.  I don't know how, but I got the high score with this game!

I'll try to not let it be so long before I post again.  Feel free to comment on a post to poke me if it's been too long.


  1. Omg he's adorbs! Nice putting a voice to the name too :) I remember that damn game when I had a Wii in the UK lol miss it now.

    1. Thanks! And thanks for saying you were in the UK because now I know who you are. :D

  2. Clinch is doing his exercises with mom :)