Wednesday, January 13, 2016

1/13/2016: Nap time!

Clinchfield and Pixel love hanging out on the bed at any time of the day or night.  Usually they don't lay near each other, but sometimes I catch them being cuddly like I did on Monday:

I was going to nap this afternoon, and Clinch joined me.  He's been enjoying roaming around under the covers lately, so I threw a corner of the comforter over him to see if he'd burrow.  He decided that he'd rather settle in like people:

It didn't last too long because he heard a noise.  Or maybe he was just irritated with all my moving around and turning the lights on and off.

I tried going to sleep, but Pixel jumped up and trod on my legs.  He does this a lot, circling around and around until he settles down on top of my legs.  It's not bad until I roll over (which I do a lot), then it gets a little pretzeley.  In mid-trod, I got a phone call, and when I was done (with the call and with what the call was about) it was too late to nap.  I checked in with the boys and found them like this:

They had been wrestling, and it looks like Clinch got tuckered out mid-bap.

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