Monday, October 26, 2015

10/26/2015: My desk is continually under attack

(This is a hybrid report lumping a bunch of chaotic activity from 07/30/2015 through 10/26/2015.)

My studio has an awesome built-in desk with a beautiful frame around the window and a shelf underneath, perfect for all manner of things.  I keep a small tube of E6000 glue up there for my crafting projects, and my grandmother's pin cushion for extremely bent needles that I can quickly grab while I'm beading.  I have rocks, a slice of wood from one of my mother's trees that was cut down, a few small stuffed animals, a beautiful Fenton bowl I bought at an antique store, pictures of pets I dearly miss, and much, much more.  Basically, anything little that I want to see while I work (or procrastinate) that I love or that inspires me goes on this shelf.

When we moved in, our cats (Steve's Katy and Fe and my Simoon and Pixel) left that shelf alone.  The desk itself is popular, but none of them were interested in the shelf.  Kittens are more curious, so Frisco loved jumping up into the window and knocking things off of the shelf.  Once he got over the worst of it, I put breakable stuff on the right, less accessible side and the rocks and stuffed animals and such on the the left side.

I blogged about my new and improved clean desk in April, 2014 in my other blog (you can read the exact post here if you'd like), so I have proof:

So clean!

You should be able to click the picture to see an enlarged version.
The shelf stayed pretty much just like that until six days after Clinchfield came to live with us:

Picture taken 07/30/2015

Do you see the culprit on the bottom right part of the picture?  He looks so innocent.  I quickly learned to catch or deflect items tossed at my head, and I just calmly put them somewhere else.  From time to time Steve puts things back, but for the most part I've let it go.  I'm waiting for him to lose interest.

Picture taken 07/30/2015

You can see he's reaching for something black at the bottom of the picture.  That's a Darth Vader Pez dispenser that had just gotten thrown at me not two minutes before.

Now, I can't blame him for the mess of papers he's lying on, but I spy four things in that picture that should be up on the shelf: the Pez dispenser, the glass vial just to the left of it, the slice of wood to the left of his head, and the purple turtle that's right next to the wood.

Here's how that shelf looks today:

Picture taken 10/26/2015 in the wee hours of the morning

While I was preparing to write this report about him messing up my desk, he decided to wreak more havoc:

Fortunately, he doesn't do this very often

"What can I knock down next?"

 "Hey, you!  Come here!"

 No, Clinchfield!  The stamp is not a foodstuff!

I just looked at the time stamps of those four pictures.  They were taken between 12:53a and 12:54a.  Here's the sequence of events:  he knocked down the train stamp (that picture just shows him watching it fall - I was too slow), he batted at glass ornament, I put train stamp back up, he looked over the edge to survey what to destroy next, he pulled over the Japanese cat-watering-flower stamp, he started nomming on said stamp, I took the stamp away.

A note about those irises:  they have been jumped over, trampled on, laid upon, batted at, and chewed on.  They're looking pretty bedraggled at this point, and I'm going to have to see if they can be fixed up or if I should just make more space for the kitten.

The other part of my desk that Clinch loves is my task lamp.  It used to have ChapStick, a thumb drive, a few pieces of jewelry, and some business cards on the base, but they have all been pushed off:

Taken 09/12/2015

I have paper taped to the light because my eyes are sensitive to light peeking out from underneath the shade.  You'll see it better in this next picture:

Taken 09/12/2015

He likes to wear my light as a belt:

Taken 10/09/2015, while I was trying to prepare for a show

and pretend he's getting his hair done:

Taken 10/25/2015

Or maybe he thinks he's the Pope.  It's hard to tell what's going on in his little head.

Tomorrow's report:  Another hybrid of Clinch "playing" with Pixel.

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