Tuesday, November 3, 2015

11/03/2015: Cappuccino forced off of the couch

I have a very short report for you today.  Not much has been going on.  Cappuccino (my mother's dog - see previous posts here and here if you haven't read about her yet) has been very reluctant to eat or drink, but we think she's okay.  She's not starving or dehydrating.

Clinchfield has continued to be very interested in everything Cappuccino does, especially when we take her out.  He's been hanging around the door, and once yesterday he nearly darted out.  I screamed, "NO!" and half stepped on him in my (successful) attempt to keep him inside.  I'm hoping that will stop him from trying again.

I left Cappuccino on my couch to come into my studio, and after a while Steve called me back in there so he could Air Drop a video to my phone from his.  It seems that Clinchfield was batting at Cappuccino, and Steve got the tail end of it:

Clinch isn't being aggressive at all, but Cappuccino is having none of it, the poor dear.

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