Monday, April 25, 2016

4/25/2016: Laundry "helper"

Today's post will be very quick.  We were away at a bead show for my business this past weekend, so Steve took today off to rest and do laundry.  Except the lawn needed to be mowed, so he's outside doing that, and he had some errands to run this morning.  I'm helping with the laundry, and I had a helper of my own.

Clinchfield jumped in the dryer while I was pulling clothes out and hanging or folding.  He loves gnawing on dryer sheets, so as soon as he found one he came out with it.  I took it away, and a few minutes later he was back in the dryer.  This time, though, he started "making bread," kneading the clothes and purring like I've never seen him do before.  I don't think the clothes were very warm, but he found it very comfy!

He was so cute so I shot a video for you.  One of these days I'll remember to turn the phone.  Sorry.

Soon after this he noticed another dryer sheet and took off with it.  I let him keep it while I finished moving the laundry along.

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