Sunday, January 17, 2016

1/16/2016: The Half-On Cat

Pixel likes to sit on our laps - Steve's while he's on the couch and mine when I'm at my desk.  If we're lying in bed chatting before going to sleep, Pixel likes to lie on our chests and walk all over us.  When I sleep, he drapes himself over my legs.  I flop around a lot, so that doesn't work very well.  We end up twisted around each other like malformed pretzels stuck together during the baking process.  I'll give you a second to process that image...  All done?  As I'm sure you can imagine, it's not very comfortable, and I'm glad he doesn't do that every night.

Fe loves Steve's lap, too, and sometimes she gets jealous of Pixel.  She doesn't sit on my lap, but she will sit on the back of the couch I sit on, and sometimes she sits behind me on my office chair.  It's kind of uncomfortable for me because I'm perched on half the chair, and sometimes it's cold, because she paws at my sweater wanting a "tent", so (like I did the other day) I have to take my sweater off and drape it over her.  The things we do for our kitties!

Clinchfield, though, is a "half-on" cat, most of the time.  His front half goes on the raised part of the bathroom counter with his back half on the lower part.  His front half is on my nightstand with his back half on the steps.  Stuff like that.  Recently, he's started being half on us.

Last night we went out to dinner with my mother and stepfather, John, for his birthday.  We ate a lot, and when we got home we just collapsed on the bed and watched a stand-up special by Demetri Martin from Netflix.  Clinch joined us, and I took well over 40 pictures of his half-on-ness over the course of about 50 minutes.  No, I won't show you all of them.  Just the highlights:

Just getting settled

Steve had wiggled his toes

Blowing Mama a kiss (or grooming, whichever is more plausible)

"What's going on up there?"

Doing his Linda Blair impression

Falling asleep sitting up

Oh, no!  He fell over!

Steve tickled Clinch's paw

Immodest kitteh investigates the intrusion

Oops.  Sorry!

Then he fell back asleep, but only for 20 seconds or so.

Steve's leg was starting to get numb, so after Clinch woke up, he pulled the kitten all the way up on  him.

Steve helped Clinch hide his under bits.

Clinch did not approve of forced modesty, so he moved.

Shortly after this, Clinch left for all of 10 minutes.

"Let's try the other side of this leg!"

Clinch watched the rest of special with us.

He seemed riveted by Demetri Martin's last bit.  It must have been the guitar and the harmonica.  Clinch has never heard a harmonica before.

I like that he's starting to cuddle, even if it's only half of him doing it.  I have hopes that soon he'll be a "full-on" cat, like he was for ten minutes a few days ago:

Sorry for the crappy picture - I had to use my webcam.

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